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Kim Somers is a full time professional non-union voice over actor. She’s experienced in doing voice over in commercials, corporate narration, explainer videos, medical narration (specialty) and e-learning, audiobooks, and more through her broadcast-quality, professional recording studio.
She offers her voice to global clients through Source Connect, Skype, ipDTL, Meetings, Zoom or self-direction.Turnaround in 24 hours is made possible by these conveniences and her friends at WeTransfer.
Warm, smart, conversational and sophisticated tone. Great actress with ability to be welcoming, warm and friendly as well as professional and corporate. Experienced with commercial work, industrial narration and audio books
Her style has been described as authentic, friendly, conversational, smooth and authoritative, real thirty or forty-something.
Looking for some fun? A little attitude? Maybe the soccer mom next door? Or a just a real person, with a trustworthy and warm read?
Kim is ready to voice your project for you now!

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There is no set rate for voiceovers. It really depends on how the the finished voice over will be used. E-learning, Radio, TV, Internet, Telephone, non-broadcast, Social Media. Usages are all different and so are the rates.  That's why Kim needs to give you a quote based on your script and usage.  Don't be shy - ask for a quote (below) -- a demo is free!
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